While I was travelling through India, I stayed at Shri Jasnath Ashram in Rajasthan. During my stay here, I contributed in designing and illustrating this recipe book for the ashram. All the recipes are ayurvedic (the traditional Hindu system of medicine), and a combination of classical Indian dishes as well as recipes that are unique to Rajasthani cooking. 
This recipe book was a creative collaboration by a group of volunteers at the ashram. 
Editor in chief: Yogeshwar Surajnath Siddh, India
Editor: Shreejan Sita, U.S.A.
Gardener: Ramuji Saran, India
Chef: Papu Sai, India
Art director: Kate McPartland, U.K.
Graphic designer & illustrator: Elizna Rocher, South Africa
Photographer: Hillary Maguire, Canada

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